What You Should Know About Crowns

Having great white teeth is an absolute must to everyone nowadays. As we grow old, so do our teeth. It is just typical that we take care of them as well. So let us start to taking care of our teeth because once they start to decay, there is no way of taking the lost parts back but by replacing them. Crowns or more commonly as dental crowns is a tooth shaped cap that is placed over a tooth that has holes or missing bits of pieces. They will be cemented into place and will fully encase the entire too above the gum line. This will help restore the tooth’s shape, size, as well as improve its firmness. If you have gone to your dentist, he or she may have mentioned you getting a crown for some of your teeth. This may just be an advice but a good one indefinitely. Ask yourself, do you need to have a dental crown and why?

Getting a dental crown maybe because of different situational factors, here are some examples:

  • To protect a weak tooth from decay or breakage
  • To restore an already broken tooth
  • To cover and support a tooth
  • To hold a dental bridge in place
  • To cover a severely discolored teeth
  • To protect a dental implant
  • To provide a cosmetic modification

Like adults, children can also use crowns primarily to protect their baby teeth. This is because children have different behaviors due to their age. There are also different kinds of crowns available today. Examples of these crowns are the:

  • Permanent Crowns – Made from stainless steel, metal alloy or gold, all resin, or all ceramic.
  • Stainless Steel - Prefabricated crowns that are used on permanent teeth. In general, this type of crowns is used for children’s teeth because they do not require numerous dental visits.
  • Metal Crowns – Mainly used for out of sight molars, metal crowns rarely chip or break. They last longer that other types of crowns and can withstand biting and chewing.
  • Porcelain-Fused-Metal Crowns – These crowns are best used for front and back teeth. Unlike other crowns, this crown can easily chi or break off. It also has chances of wearing that might occur with the metal and porcelain showing out.
  • All-Resin Crowns – Is a less expensive type of crown but has a risk of wearing down over time and it is more prone to fractures.
  • All-Ceramic or all-Porcelain Crowns – Provide the best looking crowns with a natural color feel to it. These crowns are also a good choice from the front teeth. Yet, all ceramic or all porcelain crowns are not that strong either.
  • Temporary and Permanent Crowns –Temporary crowns are made at your local dentist office and is made of acrylic or stainless steel material while a permanent crown is made in a dental laboratory.

So if you want to have a great smile and a good set of white teeth. Go to your local dentist and get your teeth cleaned up. Ask for advices and start living a more healer life with a healthier eating habit. Acquaint yourself with proper oral care so that your teeth will stay protected and healthy.

Dr. Joe Kim Evergreen Family Dental

Date October 7, 2014

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