Teeth Whitening: Learn More About How It Works

Why is tooth whiting important? Does it pose any problems in the long run? Tooth whiting is a very effective way to get your teeth back to their natural color, which is a lighter white blend. It also can help reduce tooth damages on the surface without removing them.

Why should I need my teeth whitened? This is a no brainer at all. As we get older, our teeth tend to get darker which is caused by the food we intake. Another factor also would be the drinks we take as well as the any other eating habits that can take effect on our teeth. Antibiotics also have the tendency to make our teeth dark as well. While only a few people have the perfect brilliant white teeth, we must make an effort to make them white as well. This may be a hard task as some people naturally have grey shade of teeth or whitish spots in them. This might be a sign of tooth decay or problems while their teeth were forming. Calculus or more commonly known as tartar can also take effect on the color of your teeth making then stained on the surface.

How does tooth whiting work? After a quick assessment from your dentist, he or she will give you advice on how to treat your teeth whiting problem effectively. The most usual or more suitable option that many dentists now use is the professional bleaching method. The most common type of teeth whiting method is “dentist-supervised home whitening” where you will have a routine to follow in the comfort of your own homes. Specially made trays will be fitted in your gums and a whitening gel is added as a whitener. The “chair-side whitening” is also a good option. Your dentist will first asses if you are eligible for this kind of procedure. After, your teeth will be given a whitening product fitted inside a specially made tray that is placed in a rubber shield or gel protecting your gums.

The active ingredients used in teeth whiting usually contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. This will make your teeth lighter or whiter as the active ingredients break down and as oxygen goes into the enamel and dentine.

What is the cost of a teeth whitening procedure? Charges may vary depending on the practice and the attending dentist. If you have a family dentist then you might want to ask for a written estimate first. Chair side whitening however is more expensive than the professionally supervised home bleaching procedure.

Are there any side effects in teeth whitening? While some people may find it hard to adjust after the teeth whiting treatment, it is just a temporary discomfort that will disappear in time. Discomfort in the gums, sore throat, sensitivity to cold, and white patches to the gum line are just some of the usual side effects after the treatment. If these side effects persist then you should go to your dentist and ask for some quick solutions for the problem.

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Date July 7, 2014

Teeth Whitening Learn More About How It Works





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